Friday, July 31, 2009

Fish Friday

Another Friday is here. I just get so excited when it's Friday. To me it means that my daddy comes home and he is home for the weekend. Yay! I get double attention on weekends.

It also means that humans will go shopping and buy me some kibble and usually some kind of treat. I wonder what I will get today?

Maybe it will be something fishy. I don't eat a lot of fishy food or treats but when I do my belly just loves it.

Momma says it gives me smelly breath but I don't care. I still nom nom it all down and then go up to momma for a kitty kiss to thank her for buying me some. MOL ( I just love to tease her)

I'm just gonna have to sit here and wait till daddy gets home to see what I am getting. Till then, it's sweet thoughts of yummy fish.

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