Thursday, July 23, 2009

I lost a life today .

Here I am just turned 1 years old a couple of weeks ago and I lost a life already. Ok, I owe a life of mine to my momma because she saved me.

Technically, it was momma's fault. Not mine. (Cat's remember do not accept fault, always blame the humans)

It was a lovely morning and I was in the kitchen. I have this favorite spot that I just love nap in. It's on top of the kitchen cabinets. Momma gets really upset when I go up there because I'm not allowed to go on the counters but she doesn't realize that I don't touch the counter I actually am climbing on the bakers rack next to the counter. MOL.

So here I was, laying there minding my own business when momma walked into the kitchen. She saw me up on the cabinet and looked right at me and said '' who's that handsome boy up there'' - Momma always calls me handsome and I get really excited when she does.

Momma kept talking to me and saying ''what a handsome boy I am'' - well, all of a sudden, I couldn't contain my excitement anymore and I do what I always do when she says that to me - I roll over!! (note to self: do not roll over on top of a cabinet)

Next minute, I was in momma arms. She caught me! I was rolling in the air and landed right in momma's arms. I just looked at her like ''what's going on, how you did reach me'' - and then I realized what happened.

Momma gave me tons of cuddles and said to me ''that's why you shouldn't go up there you silly kitty.''

I owe momma tons of kitty cuddles for saving me. She really is a good human.

As for me, I haven't learnt my lesson. I still go up on the cabinets.

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