Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday To ME!

It's my birthday! I'm am now officially 1 year old! I'm so excited about turning 1 cause that makes me an adult cat now. MOL Momma says I'm still a kitten to her. She says I have lots more growing to do too.

I started my morning jumping on momma's & daddy's bed. I wanted them to wake up so I could start my day. Momma always gets up before daddy and makes daddy and I something to eat. She started my morning with Milk! I got a yummy bowl of milk while she made daddy's toast and tea.

She sang ''Happy Birthday'' to me - Don't let momma know, but she can't sing - she sounds like an alley cat sitting on a fence....but, I still gave her a head tap to show her that I appreciated it and to make her stop singing. (my poor ears)

Daddy got up shortly after and gave me my morning belly rubs and sang happy birthday too. At least he can carry a tune.

I know there are presents in this house cause I saw momma come home yesterday with a Pet Smart bag so I know I got a surprise coming but nothing yet. I'll keep you posted cause I'm gonna snoop around the house and see what I can find.


I got my pressies! I am one spoiled kittycat! I got springs, lightup ball, catnip mouse & teddybear, Bat & bobble toy (which I love) and yummy treats. I also got to lick the Pet Smart bags, which was the best. Momma watched me closely.

Also, In honor of my birthday momma also bought another DUCKIE - not for me silly, but to donate to a cat that does not have one. We are taken names on Twitter and will be picking the winner out of my birthday hat tomorrow. Just DM us your name on twitter to be entered. We will be picking a winner around 9am (est). Good Luck.

I think I'm ready for bed soon, I'm rather pawty out from playing with my toys and all the yummy treats I had tonight. Just wanted to thank all my anipals for making my first birthday the best birthday eva!!

Nosetaps to all & Kitty Kisses


  1. Happy 1st birthday, Dunkin! Let us know what presents you get!

    Btw, I'm almost 3 years old and my Mom still thinks I'm a kitten...


  2. Happy Birfaday! I did no know we had birfadays so close! Meow and Purrs to you.

  3. Sweet day in the morning, what a haul! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Thank you all for my birthday wishes!

    You have made my day PURRFECT!

    *nosetaps to all *

  5. Happy birthday! Very cute pictures! :)

  6. Well happy purrthday, Dunkin. Now you're officially a Mancat. That's quite a haul of presents you got there!

  7. What a great birthday you had! Happy Belated Birthday Dunkin!

  8. Hi Dunkin! We saw you on the Catblogosphere and wanted to say hello. Happy belated birthday!
    That's a very special age, you're a Mancat now. I got 1 in April and my little sisfur Chilli will become 1 in August. We're currently on blogcation but sneak around a bit. ; )
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli