Friday, July 17, 2009


Yup, it's the end of the week. Another week has passed me quickly. I haven't been a happy kitty lately cause the weather hasn't been great. I like it when it's warm and sunny out cause that means all the birdies and squirrels come to visit my yard and I can watch them through the window. This summer has been rainy and sitting in the window gets boring when there is nothing to watch.

What I don't understand about birdies is that when its nice and sunny they are all over my lawn but when it rains they seem to disappear. It's like they don't like water but I know that's not true cause once it stops raining the birds come out and go swimming in the big puddles! Why don't they just play out in the rain then? That way I have something to watch when its not nice out.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you! I was looking out the window and a stranger came into my yard. I have no idea who he is cause I've never seen him before. He was looking around my yard and kept walking under my window and just looking at me. I kinda got nervous and let out a hiss (I really didn't mean too) and that kinda scared him a bit and he took off towards the driveway. Momma said he was really handsome looking, (ya, I got jealous, cause she calls only me handsome, I don't want her calling strays handsome too.)so momma tried to get it to come to back near the house but he wouldn't have it. She took a quick picture through the screen but you really can't see him that well.

There usually isn't a lot of cats roaming the neighborhood, actually, there is only one that I know of and that is the calico cat who lives next door. He seems to have a lot of freedom and comes and sits on his fence and just looks over at me...but..he doesn't come into my yard. Maybe he is afraid of me.

Bring on the weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay out of trouble.

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