Saturday, July 25, 2009

Call me SOCKS

I think my humans gave me the wrong name. I think they should had called me Socks. No, I don't mean after that famous cat. I think they should had called me Socks after my fetish for them.

You see, ever since I was a little kitten I used to love to find socks in the house and play with them. Roll on the ground with them and even sleep with them. (they make comfy pillows)

I would even take the dirty socks out of the laundry hamper and drag them around the house. Momma used to say ''gross, '' and take them from me.

Now that I am older. I have observed my humans and where they put their socks after laundry day (another reason I love laundry day).

My human daddy has one whole drawer that is nothing but SOCKS! Socks of all colors and textures all rolled up like big balls. I know it's the very top drawer in the dresser. I watch him every morning open it and I get a quick peak of those lovely socks.

Well, the other night when humans went to bed. I noticed that the dresser drawer was partially open. I started to think about those socks and how great it would be if I could have them all. I sat there trying to figure out a way to get these big socks out of the opening of the dresser but it was just too small.

I waited till I heard daddy snoring and then began my plan. I spent the whole night slowly using my paws to pry open the drawer. This was not easy because there are tons of socks so the drawer is quite heavy. I even gave up window patrol to spend the night trying to get these socks.

Slowly I worked my paws in the drawer and pulling and pawing as much as I could. Finally, I got a pair out! From there the rest was easy. I just kept pawing and pulling the socks and dropping them on the floor. (it's a good thing socks don't make a sound when they drop)

I could see it was almost daylight and I still didn't have all the socks out of the drawer yet. I decided oh well I might as well play with the ones I have. I began rolling around the carpet with my lovely socks. I guess I must had hit the dresser a couple of times cause it woke up daddy.

I was shocked! He caught me with my lovely socks. he just started laughing and then woke up momma to show her what I had done.

I tried real hard to cover them up with my body but you could still see them all around me.

Humans ended up picking up all the socks and putting them back in the drawer. Like that is going to stop me from getting them? I now know how to get my lovely socks so just wait till next time you leave me alone. I will have a whole day with my socks.



  1. What fun! you learned how to get in the sock drawer! I'll bet they make sure it is completely closed.

  2. Humans don't know that I actually hid two pairs of socks under the bed.

    Meowahahhaha, I can play with them anytime.