Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rappin' Cats - Catnipperz

We are Catnipperz
And Yes, we're da cat
and don’t get us confused

We're handsome and cute
And have tons of fur
And when we walk by
All the girl kitties purr

We tweet all day
About life on da' street
and act cute for human momma
So she will give us a treat

What momma don’t know
Is that we're really brats
and planning to control humans
To give us something to laugh at

But we're not alone
My anipals and us have da plan
Paw by Paw
We will dominate man

So to all you animals
Who want to take control
Play “nice” with your humans for now...
Until we can fill our OWN food bowl

© Catnipperz


Yo, All you twitterpaw Pets
Duckies are in the house
Have you got yours yet?
They are better than a toy mouse

Their fuzzy yellow furr
Makes all the cats purr
And their yummy catnip treat
Just can’t be beat!

We love our duckies so
And give them tons of licks
We’ll never let them go
We’ll teach them to do tricks

We roll around the floor
And take our duckies to bed
Our duckies never bore
All that catnip goes to our head

Yo, Yo, My duckie friend
You are the best
We will be pals to the end
Now let’s go take a rest...... NAP OUT

© Catnipperz

Duck image courtesy of Cedric Hohnstadt

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday is Donut Day

I knew it was Saturday cause the alarm clock never went off and momma and daddy didn't move out of bed till much later. I have to admit I do let them sleep a bit longer on Saturdays cause I know that if I am really good I'll get a special morning treat...Donuts!

On the weekend daddy has to get his coffee and always get donuts too. I have a weakness for those yummy doughy chocolaty frosted glazed donuts.

I waited patiently at the window for daddy to return. I started to ignore the birdies who were chirping away trying to get my attention. I was too busy thinking about my donut. I started to lick my whiskers in anticipation. Sometimes my mind can get rather evil cause I found myself having thoughts of waiting by the door for daddy and when he walks in - I'll walk out in front of him and make him trip over me...that way I could have more than one donut - I would get them all. I realized that wasn't a good plan cause daddy might get hurt or worse, the donuts might not fall out of the box and then daddy would be angry at me and give me none. So, back to the window I went.

Daddy finally came home. The feast of lovely chocolaty frosted donuts began. My tongue couldn't lick them fast enough. I really wish I could have this everyday.

After our breakfast momma said to daddy that they had to get their errands done early. I was all excited cause that meant I got the house alone. My belly was nice and full so I figured a nice peaceful nap would make this the perfect morning.

Before I knew it I was being put in my crate. Now, I know the crate means car ride. I dont freak when I see the crate cause I go for a lot of car rides and I do enjoy them. We didn't go in the truck so I knew we weren't going to the RV - our other house on wheels. The car usually means a long drive to grandhumans house or to the Pet Store. We ended up at the Pet Store. I've been going to the pet store since I was a kitten and they love seeing me grow.

Momma and daddy picked up some food - it wasn't the type I eat so I was wondering who it was for. We then went down the toy aisle. My favorite place to be! So many great toys and colors. I get all excited seeing them. Momma grabbed 2 duckies that were on the shelf which left 1 duckie all by himself. Next minute Daddy picked up the last duckie on the shelf. I was thinking ''Oh no, he is going to kidnap another duck.'' Momma also grabbed some springs, mice and some treats for me to try.

The toy aisle is near the ''adopt a shelter cat'' cages. Momma always go over to them and says hi. I sometimes don't like to look cause I get all nervous. The last time an older cat hissed at me. Momma saw this 2 year old Maine coon mix that needed a home. I felt bad she didn't have a home. Next minute, the humans started talking about getting me a playmate cause I really should have a friend at home. I was thinking what a good idea that would be. They said they were going to talk to the people at the shelter when we go up there to drop off the food and toys. I then realized we were shopping for the cats that didn't have a home like me.

We left the store and drove up to the shelter where momma brought the presents in. I didn't get to go into the shelter cause the dogs that are there always scare me with their barking so I waited in the car with daddy. That's when daddy reached into a bag and pulled out another duckie! He told me that this duckie was for me. I was thinking I already have a duckie...but as soon as he gave it to me I was like, ''Oh duckie I can love you too.''

I guess at that moment I decided to forgive my daddy for kidnapping Doe E. Duck the other day. How could I stay mad at him. He really is a good human. I guess he thought he was just being funny when he did that.

Now, I have another duckie that I need to name. I'll have to have a talk with Doe E. Duck and see what he thinks we should name them. I hope he doesn't get jealous. Maybe I'll give him some name that relates to my daddy. Since he did something rather nice for me.

I'll let you know what I come up with and also take some pics of me with my duckies.

I'm gonna go and take a nap now cause it was such a busy day for me.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just Another Dog Day?

My plan was foiled! I've been De-Nosed??

I was all ready this morning for ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' I was excited to find out what this special doggy day was all about and to see why humans seem to cater to dogs.

Have you ever noticed that the word CATER - is spelt with CAT? So, shouldn't it be that CAT that gets catered, not the dog? hmmmm.

Daddy started to get ready for work. He put his uniform on, I put on my disguise. He put on his boots, I licked my paws. He kissed momma goodbye, I rubbed up against her legs.

I then proceeded to sit by the door just like a good doggie would.

It was time to leave - daddy just looked at me and he bent down. I thought at that moment he was going to put on my lead to take me but No - he just gave me a quick stroke of the fur and said ''be a good boy for momma'' and off he went!

I tried so hard to bark, I opened my mouth and attempted to form the 'woof' but all that came out was a squeaky 'meow'. I went and grabbed my lead to bring it to him but the door shut and he was gone - I ran to the window trying so hard to catch his attention but nothing. I sat there watching the truck pull away.

I guess I'll have to wait to next year to find out what this ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' is really all about. At least it gives me a year to plan out another disguise. Hopefully that one will be a successful one and I'll be able to report back to you.

I'm going to talk to Doe E. Duck and see if he saw anything exciting when he went to work with daddy the other day.

But first, Nap time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dunkin the Puppy?

All week long I've been hearing about ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' - Which made me start thinking about how unfair the world is to cats. It seems the world caters to Dogs. They have Dog Parks, Doggie Bags, Guide Dogs, Doggie Bakeries and the list goes on and on.

What is so great about dogs that the humans must feel that they have to take their dogs to work with them on June 26th?

Just because DOG spells GOD backwards - does not mean that the world should worship our four legged friend.

This Curious Cat ( no lives will be spared while doing this inquiry ) has decided to find out first Paw what this ''take your dog to work day'' is all about and why dogs seem to get all the attention.

I've been working rather hard today to come up with a good disguise so I will blend right in with the other dogs at work. So................. what do you think?

I will be reporting back tomorrow to update you on my discovery.

This is Dunkin_the_Cat ...errrrrr I mean.... Dunkin_the_Puppy signing off for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't even had my duckie for long and he is already missing! I was playing with Doe E. Duck - (Oh ya, that's his name because he is ''doughy'' like a donut and I love to lick donuts!) last night or should I say early morning - I really don't know how to tell time all I know is that its dark out and the humans were fast asleep.

Doe E. Duck and I were rolling all over the living room floor. He would try to fly away from me and I would run after him and catch him. Well, I kinda made too much noise because human daddy came into the room and mumble something about the noise and next minute he took duckie away from me! I just figured that he wanted to put duckie to bed so I went to bed too.

In the morning when I woke up - I went looking for duckie to play with. He was no where in sight. I looked all over the livingroom and then searched the bedrooms and no duckie. I couldn't figure out where duckie went and then I remembered that daddy took him! I went up to momma and tried to explain that duckie was missing but I guess she thought I wanted love so she started petting me. I nipped at her hand to get her attention. She then realized something was wrong. We both searched all over the place and still no duckie. I was not a happy kitty at all.

I knew that daddy was behind his disappearance, so I recruited my Twitter anipals to help me find where duckie went. All my friends were really worried about him too and started to get the Pawlice involved and even a Pawyer in case I had to take daddy to court for custody of my duckie. I even got some pawesome doggies to help try to sniff him out....but still no luck. No duckie.

I waited for daddy to come home so I could find out what he did with him. I sat in the window (see my FURRious look on my face) and started to plan out my revenge on daddy. How could he had been so evil to me? I thought my daddy loved me? I thought about attacking him when he came in the door but that wouldn't of worked as daddy could get even and then hold duckie for ransom. I decided to play it cool and wait a bit.

Daddy had to work late, which made me start to worry about Duckie. What if he didn't have duckie or sold duckie to another kitty or even worse a squirrel? Finally, daddy's truck pulled in the yard. I tried to make eye contact with daddy but there in the front window of the truck sat duckie! he was sitting in front of the steering wheel. I was even more mad at daddy cause duckie wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I always have to stay in my cage when i'm in the truck but I quickly didn't care anymore cause I was too excited to see my duckie!

Daddy brought Doe E. Duck to work with him. He thought it would be funny to take my playmate for the day. I did not find that amusing at all. I'm still plotting my revenge on daddy. Maybe I'll get him while he is sleeping. Meowhahahah! I've already rolled all over his bed pillows and covered them with my fur. Nice furry pillows for my daddy, nothing but the best. MOL

The reunion with duckie was wonderful. Tons of licks and cuddles. I am going to give him the best Pawtection so this never happens again.

Thanks again to all my anipals for helping me. You are PAWESOME!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend


It's been awhile since I've blogged - I guess I can be such a lazy kitty at times. It's not that I don't have anything to say, trust me, I could tell you stories about my humans that would make you Meow Out Loud. It's just that I got addicted to Twitter, then Facebook and then even chatting online to others via Yahoo and MSN. I'm back now. I'm control of my page. Ready to paw away at the keys and tell you about my oh so purrfect life.

It was Father's Day weekend. I don't know my real daddy but my human daddy has been in my life since I was 10 weeks old. I got him a really funny card and I even got to lick the envelope...ok, I kinda chewed at the corners of it too. I couldn't help it as it tasted oh so nice.

Anyways, we went away in our RV for the weekend. I didn't know what an RV was at first but its really just a house on wheels and I love it! It's much smaller than my other house but still there are great hiding places for me. Daddy uses his big truck and I get to sit in my cage in the truck between them while they drive. I'm a really good kitty in the truck. I love to watch all the other cars go by. I don't cry or meow at all. I'm too busy being nosey cause I can see everything from my cage.

Momma went shopping this weekend too and found me a duckie! I love my duckie so much. I guess I must be one lucky cat cause she also bought me a curly lamb toy too. I can't wait to show my twitter friends my duck. Now I have to give him a name. I guess I need to pawnder a bit on that.

Ok, gotta go play with my duckie - he keeps given me those sad duckie eyes. Hope everyone had a good Father's Day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

''Bedtime Dunkin''

I can be a really good kitty at times. I know what the word ''bedtime'' means. Every night my human mommy and daddy says ''Bedtime Dunkin'' and I will either jump up on their bed or I will crawl into my kitty bed that sits on their dresser. I usually go to sleep for a bit but I always wake up while they are still sleeping.

I learnt that I can't make too much noise because if I do it will wake them up. Once in awhile though I just can't help myself! Like last night - mommy didn't put all my toys away like she normally does so when I got up around 3ish they were still laying all around the carpet. At first I just walked right past them and went and peeked out the window but it was too dark out for me to see any birds or squirrels.

While climbing off the sofa, there sat Mr. Turtle. His big eyes just staring at me. Everywhere I walked he just keep looking in my direction. I got rather bothered by it so I tried not to let him see me and then I jumped him! I grabbed a hold of his little neck and wrestled him to the floor.

He doesn't make any noise so I was rather quiet playing with him until I rolled into the table and knocked the remote controls off the table. That was it, human mommy was wide awake. I ran under the sofa and I couldn't see her anymore - I figured that I was safe. All of a sudden I was being picked up - I guess I didn't realize that my big bum was sticking out and in her view. Mommy then brought me back to my bed.

I waited again until she fell asleep. It was now around 4:30 and I could see a bit out the window where the sky was getting lighter. I figured it was almost morning so it was ok to begin to play. I started with my morning run, back and forth from living room to kitchen. I got about 12 laps under my paws when all of a sudden human mommy was awake again.

Well, that was it, it was crate time. Mommy picked me up and put me in my crate and locked the door. I then realized it was still bedtime so I decided to go back to sleep.

Mommy woke up not long after that and let me out. I just ignored her and went straight for my food dish because I know that the first thing she does when she wakes up is feed me. (ya, I'm spoiled)

Mommy picked up all my toys including Mr. Turtle and put them in my box.

It was time to wake up daddy - I know when to wake him up cause mommy's alarm clock goes off and it sounds like a rooster! I always go running into the room when I hear it. One of these days I'll catch it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wussy Pussy

How dare they call me a Wussy Pussy? Don't they know that I am still a kitten and that everything around me is new?

I'm referring to my humans. It seems that they have taken on call me Wussy Pussy lately and I'm rather offended.

You see, when I sit in the window and watch my birds and squirrels I have no problems sitting there. I crunch down into attack mode - hoping they won't see me BUT occasionally a motorcycle or big truck will drive right by my window and I go running across the room and hide under the table. I don't know what a motorcycle or truck is but I do know that they make a lot of noise that scares me at times.

I slowly will creep back up to my window and let my twitching nose check the area to make sure that its safe. Just when I go and get comfy again another motorcycle will drive by!

I've decided not to be a wussy pussy no more. I'm going to show human mommy and daddy that I am one tough kitty - that I'm bad to the bone!

Nobody calls me names! (HISS)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Few of My Favorite Things

Its been a couple of days since my last post. I guess thats because I've been so busy making new friends on Twitter and the rest of the time napping.

I guess you can call me a spoiled kitty. I don't mind being called that because it's true. I get tons of love and my humans seem to think the world revolves around me. I do give just as much love back to them to let them know how much I appreciate them adopting me and for given me this great house to play in.

It made me think about a few of my favorite things. Some of these I'm going to be empawrassed to say but hey, we are friends, I know you won't make fun of me.

CRATE: I love my crate. My humans brought me home in my crate and they have always left it out for me to go in anytime I wanted. Its my own little pad. I decorated it with a big pillow and blanket that I dragged in when I was a kitten.

BLANKET: Yes, I have a blankie. Actually I have two! A blue one and a purple one. My humans got me a blankie because I was always taken theirs off their bed and dragging it around the house. So now I have my own that I drag around and put it where I want to lay down.

DOG: I'm the only pet in the house but I have my own pet dog. Humans got it for me at Christmas time. He is stuffed (whatever that means) and wags his tail with a bell on it. Don't laugh, he is my friend. He was really much bigger than I when we got him and I used to carry him around in my mouth. He got kinda heavy at times so my mummy human tied a rope to him and now I just drag him everywhere when I want to play with him. He even can fit in my crate with me when I want to take a nap.

CHICKEN: Easter time came and I got a little baby yellow chicken. Not real, I told you that I am the only pet. He made little chirping sounds but I didn't like him when he chirped. I quickly learnt how to break the chirper and now I love him. He doesn't scare me anymore. He is real cute. Fits right in my mouth and I carry him everywhere. He is great to play with too cause he is so light I can throw him in the air and catch him or bat him around on the ground. I almost didn't get him cause human daddy said I had ''way to many toys'' and that I didn't ''need another stuff animal'' but human mommy bought it anyways.

MICE: Ok, I've lost count how many toy mice I have. I know there has to be atleast 50 in this house somewhere. I'm good at hiding things. I was actually banned from buying anymore. The staff person at the petstore said I didn't need anymore, pfft to him, I still got them.

SPRINGS:OMG, these are the best things in the world! I love these plastic springs. They come in great colors and I get so excited playing with them. They are everywhere around the house and they don't hurt humans feet when they step on them, like the mice.

Ok, I could go on and on. I have tons of pingpong balls, I have a stuffed turtle, stuffed bear, stuffed dog bone (it came with my plush bed) Combs! I love combs. I love to carry combs around and then scratch myself with them. It's great! Plus we can't forget my boxes! I love when humans bring home boxes for me.

I also have a leash/lead. It's bright neon green. It's ok. At times I don't mind it and then other times I don't want to wear it. Right now I wear the lead when I go outside. I don't know the area as we are new here. Sometimes they take it off of me.

So, those are a few of my favorite things. I have tons more but these are they ones that I daily love and enjoy.

Oh ya, all time fav: BATHROOM SINK! Shhhh, but don't tell the humans.

PS: was not happy that I was awaken from my nap for a photo shoot. I do not take good pics when surprised like that. (hiss)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Upside Down - Purrfect!

It seems that I got into a little mischief yesterday. My humans went out for a bit and left me alone. They usually don't do that often so it was nice to have the house to explore. I was having a great time. I learnt how to jump from sofa to sofa without using the table that's in between. It was so much fun I had to show them several times last night when they got home. I don't think they were amused though.

I'm not allowed to touch humans daddy's laptop. He always says ''no'' to me when I go sniffing around it but yesterday I was rather curious as to what he does on his computer and since he wasn't here to tell me ''no'' I decided to have a sniff. I was feeling rather tired from all that jumping and I do the love the feel of the heat on my belly from the laptop that I decided to just curl up and nap a bit. When I woke up, I was hungry so I walked off the laptop and went to my food dish.

Not long after that my humans came home. I was so excited as they went shopping and brought back a box. I quickly claimed that box as ''mine'' as I rolled around in it and brought one of my toys to it. I really like my box.

All of a sudden, human daddy yelled ''WTF is up with my laptop?'' - I just looked at him and stayed in my box. I then heard him mention my name to human mommy. He started to say that everything was ''Upside Down'' on his screen and that his wireless was turned off.

He then turned to me and said '' Dunkin, what did you do?'' - At that moment I decided it was best to play asleep, so I quickly closed my eyes and just laid still in my box. He wasn't amused. I then heard him say that there was ''fur'' all over the keys. I then realized that I left evidence behind at the scene. I quietly moved myself out of the box and then ran quickly under the bed. I stayed there until the coast was clear to come back out and play some more with my box.

I do love my box.

I guess human daddy is ok because this morning he put my blanket into my box for me. Now, its nice and cozy here. I think I'll take a little nap.

I did learn my lesson: When the humans are away, Dunkin will play...but make sure you leave no evidence for them to find.

I had a Purrfect day - well almost.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Tweets?

So, day 2 on this thing called Twitter - have you tried it yet? So far, I have enrolled many other feline friends to help in my world domination of the human species. We will control them all! Muhahaha, in due time of course.


there is one thing bothering me? Why do we call them tweets? Dang birds get everything named after them. I mean come on they already have the freedom to fly anywhere they want to go. Why can't we call them ''Cat calls'' or ''Purrs'' or ''Meow Messages''? Ok, maybe not ''Cat Calls'' cause that might just get the strange humans chasing us.... Hey, I would even allow them to call it a ''woof'' once in a while. Well, I guess whoever this human is who created this Twitter thingy must not have a cat yet. We need to get him a cat so we can get control of this Twitter situation.

Why not come and have a ''Tweet'' with me at
Its been rather a good day. It was FollowFriday which means you get to make a lot of friends, I even made friends with a dog today. We all had a few laughs and shared a few secrets. Occassionally, you get some sort of human wanting to sell you something but I just let my human take care of them. They then disappear, kinda like I do when I crawl under the dresser.
All the cool cats are ''twittering'' nowadays. So come on now, join me and tell your other feline friends about our mission.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's in a name?

If you haven't already figured it out my name has been changed since leaving the shelter. I'm actually rather glad about that cause I wasn't really too keen on Michelangelo.

The whole car ride back, my new mommy and daddy kept saying all these strange names to me. I didn't bother to respond to any of them because I was so excited about being in a car. One name that I did hear was ''Stewie.'' I guess they noticed because they were like ''oh, he likes the name.'' I was called Stewie all night long. Come to find out, the name Stewie was from some show called ''Family Guy.'' They were watching this big thing in the living room and I saw who this Stewie was. He kinda frightened me at first, I mean his head looked like a football. Is that what my mommy and daddy thinks I look like? I wasn't impressed. I didn't respond to Stewie after that.

The next morning, daddy kept saying he wanted ''Dunkins'' - I wasn't sure what that was so every time he said it I became really curious and wanted to find out so I followed him everywhere. Mommy then said ''Dunkin?'' and I looked at her to see what is this Dunkin. Mommy must had noticed that I was interested in learning more cause That's when mommy said to daddy ''How about Dunkin for a name?''

Daddy then said D U N K I N - so I ran over to see what this Dunkin was and he then looked at mommy and said ''Yup'' that will do. After that, they started calling me Dunkin all the time. I still haven't found out what Dunkin is yet but I know that every morning daddy goes to a place called Dunkin's and comes back home with something that smells yummy. I always try to smell his breath to see what it is. I guess they must think I smell good too. Someday I'll find out.

Hey, pay attention I'm telling you about me!

Now that I have your attention...geesh, humans really do seem to get distracted easily.

I was born in July 2008. My mom couldn't handle raising 4 boys on her own so she had to give us up to the local shelter. The animal rescue here makes sure that all animals get a loving home.

We didn't have names yet, so the shelter gave us names, and since humans think they are so creative when it comes to names - we ended up being named after turtles! How intelligent is that? Don't humans know the difference between turtles and cats? Anyway, my name then became Michelangelo. At least I got the coolest name of all 4 as my brothers got stuck with Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo.

I was the runt of the litter. Much smaller than my brothers. I was also fluffy while my brothers had short fur. I sometimes wonder if I even had the same daddy because I really looked different from them.

There were tons of kittens at the shelter and they use to let us out of our cages and run freely in the store. Most of the kittens would play together but for me, I used to run and explore and sometimes cause some mischief.

Humans always came in to see us. Little humans use to chase me around the store, I really didn't like that as I wasn't sure what they wanted from me.

One day these two humans came into the store and I was sitting there in my cage and they kept looking at me. I had no idea what their problem was. I decided to walk up to them and press my nose against the cold crate. Next minute they were petting me and I really liked that. I was then allowed to come out of the cage to visit them.

I climb right up onto the man's shoulder and just sat there looking around. It was really interesting up here as I've never see the store from this height. I was really comfy so I decided to lay down right there on his shoulder. He walked all around the store with me laying on his shoulder and it was great!

I don't know what I did wrong but after an hour of being with them they left. I just watched them from the window and then they disappeared. More humans came in but I just kept thinking about these two.

The next morning I was running around the store again and all of a sudden I was picked up from behind. I didn't know what was happening to me. I turned around and it was them! They came back. I climbed right back up on his shoulder and sat there. They were talking with the other humans about adoption but I didn't know what that word meant. Then the store human told me that I now have a new mommy and daddy and that I can go home with them on Friday.

They took my picture (that's they one you see on this page) and then left again. I couldn't wait till Friday, even though I didn't know what Friday was I knew that I was going to see them again.

I left my brothers that day, I don't know what happened to them but the store human told my new mommy and daddy that they got adopted too, so I was really happy cause that meant they too had a shoulder to climb on!

Ok, so that's my story of how I found these humans and got adopted. Have you thought about going to your local shelter and seeing if there are any kittens or cats that might like your shoulder too? Go on now, take a drive down there. You will make some kitty just like me very very happy.

Get to know me, then fear me

Ya, i'm Dunkin a cute 11 month of kitten, hey I'm not a year old just yet so I still can call myself a kitten. That way I get more attention. People don't seem to make big deals over cats but use the word kitten and then you hear awwww, what a cute kitty. Ya, I love to watch humans make fools of themselves.

I spend my days controlling my owners. Its rather funny to be honest. Two grown adults speaking to me like I am some sort of baby or child of theirs, but hey, i'm just a cat, I mean kitten. ( go on say it, awww)

People say i'm big for my age and i'm still trying to figure that one out. What is big to a human? I mean hello, I am smaller than them so how can I be big?

Anyways, I'm going to make some time out of my busy days to share a bit about my life with you.

I know you won't be bored, because i'm just an adorable kitten, awwww with a hidden agenda.