Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's in a name?

If you haven't already figured it out my name has been changed since leaving the shelter. I'm actually rather glad about that cause I wasn't really too keen on Michelangelo.

The whole car ride back, my new mommy and daddy kept saying all these strange names to me. I didn't bother to respond to any of them because I was so excited about being in a car. One name that I did hear was ''Stewie.'' I guess they noticed because they were like ''oh, he likes the name.'' I was called Stewie all night long. Come to find out, the name Stewie was from some show called ''Family Guy.'' They were watching this big thing in the living room and I saw who this Stewie was. He kinda frightened me at first, I mean his head looked like a football. Is that what my mommy and daddy thinks I look like? I wasn't impressed. I didn't respond to Stewie after that.

The next morning, daddy kept saying he wanted ''Dunkins'' - I wasn't sure what that was so every time he said it I became really curious and wanted to find out so I followed him everywhere. Mommy then said ''Dunkin?'' and I looked at her to see what is this Dunkin. Mommy must had noticed that I was interested in learning more cause That's when mommy said to daddy ''How about Dunkin for a name?''

Daddy then said D U N K I N - so I ran over to see what this Dunkin was and he then looked at mommy and said ''Yup'' that will do. After that, they started calling me Dunkin all the time. I still haven't found out what Dunkin is yet but I know that every morning daddy goes to a place called Dunkin's and comes back home with something that smells yummy. I always try to smell his breath to see what it is. I guess they must think I smell good too. Someday I'll find out.

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