Friday, June 12, 2009

''Bedtime Dunkin''

I can be a really good kitty at times. I know what the word ''bedtime'' means. Every night my human mommy and daddy says ''Bedtime Dunkin'' and I will either jump up on their bed or I will crawl into my kitty bed that sits on their dresser. I usually go to sleep for a bit but I always wake up while they are still sleeping.

I learnt that I can't make too much noise because if I do it will wake them up. Once in awhile though I just can't help myself! Like last night - mommy didn't put all my toys away like she normally does so when I got up around 3ish they were still laying all around the carpet. At first I just walked right past them and went and peeked out the window but it was too dark out for me to see any birds or squirrels.

While climbing off the sofa, there sat Mr. Turtle. His big eyes just staring at me. Everywhere I walked he just keep looking in my direction. I got rather bothered by it so I tried not to let him see me and then I jumped him! I grabbed a hold of his little neck and wrestled him to the floor.

He doesn't make any noise so I was rather quiet playing with him until I rolled into the table and knocked the remote controls off the table. That was it, human mommy was wide awake. I ran under the sofa and I couldn't see her anymore - I figured that I was safe. All of a sudden I was being picked up - I guess I didn't realize that my big bum was sticking out and in her view. Mommy then brought me back to my bed.

I waited again until she fell asleep. It was now around 4:30 and I could see a bit out the window where the sky was getting lighter. I figured it was almost morning so it was ok to begin to play. I started with my morning run, back and forth from living room to kitchen. I got about 12 laps under my paws when all of a sudden human mommy was awake again.

Well, that was it, it was crate time. Mommy picked me up and put me in my crate and locked the door. I then realized it was still bedtime so I decided to go back to sleep.

Mommy woke up not long after that and let me out. I just ignored her and went straight for my food dish because I know that the first thing she does when she wakes up is feed me. (ya, I'm spoiled)

Mommy picked up all my toys including Mr. Turtle and put them in my box.

It was time to wake up daddy - I know when to wake him up cause mommy's alarm clock goes off and it sounds like a rooster! I always go running into the room when I hear it. One of these days I'll catch it.


  1. We all get a little crazy at night sometimes, Dunkin! That toy looks irresistible!

  2. Pssst. Don't tell anybuddy, but I like to trash the house at night when the you-man and the momma bean is asleep.

  3. thnQ for becoming a follower of my blog

  4. Night time is the best time to play. We have hardwood floors and I can slide really well across them MOL