Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't even had my duckie for long and he is already missing! I was playing with Doe E. Duck - (Oh ya, that's his name because he is ''doughy'' like a donut and I love to lick donuts!) last night or should I say early morning - I really don't know how to tell time all I know is that its dark out and the humans were fast asleep.

Doe E. Duck and I were rolling all over the living room floor. He would try to fly away from me and I would run after him and catch him. Well, I kinda made too much noise because human daddy came into the room and mumble something about the noise and next minute he took duckie away from me! I just figured that he wanted to put duckie to bed so I went to bed too.

In the morning when I woke up - I went looking for duckie to play with. He was no where in sight. I looked all over the livingroom and then searched the bedrooms and no duckie. I couldn't figure out where duckie went and then I remembered that daddy took him! I went up to momma and tried to explain that duckie was missing but I guess she thought I wanted love so she started petting me. I nipped at her hand to get her attention. She then realized something was wrong. We both searched all over the place and still no duckie. I was not a happy kitty at all.

I knew that daddy was behind his disappearance, so I recruited my Twitter anipals to help me find where duckie went. All my friends were really worried about him too and started to get the Pawlice involved and even a Pawyer in case I had to take daddy to court for custody of my duckie. I even got some pawesome doggies to help try to sniff him out....but still no luck. No duckie.

I waited for daddy to come home so I could find out what he did with him. I sat in the window (see my FURRious look on my face) and started to plan out my revenge on daddy. How could he had been so evil to me? I thought my daddy loved me? I thought about attacking him when he came in the door but that wouldn't of worked as daddy could get even and then hold duckie for ransom. I decided to play it cool and wait a bit.

Daddy had to work late, which made me start to worry about Duckie. What if he didn't have duckie or sold duckie to another kitty or even worse a squirrel? Finally, daddy's truck pulled in the yard. I tried to make eye contact with daddy but there in the front window of the truck sat duckie! he was sitting in front of the steering wheel. I was even more mad at daddy cause duckie wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I always have to stay in my cage when i'm in the truck but I quickly didn't care anymore cause I was too excited to see my duckie!

Daddy brought Doe E. Duck to work with him. He thought it would be funny to take my playmate for the day. I did not find that amusing at all. I'm still plotting my revenge on daddy. Maybe I'll get him while he is sleeping. Meowhahahah! I've already rolled all over his bed pillows and covered them with my fur. Nice furry pillows for my daddy, nothing but the best. MOL

The reunion with duckie was wonderful. Tons of licks and cuddles. I am going to give him the best Pawtection so this never happens again.

Thanks again to all my anipals for helping me. You are PAWESOME!!


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  2. Dunkin - I am so glad u got ur duckie back! I think ur daddy would have been surprised by the outrage of The Duckie Club had he not returned him safely!


  3. Dat is no fairs daddy!! Dunkin needs his duckie! I puts your link under my cats who blog!


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  4. Thank you all for your concerns. We must all stand together and pawtect our duckies so no other human will do this again.