Sunday, June 7, 2009

Upside Down - Purrfect!

It seems that I got into a little mischief yesterday. My humans went out for a bit and left me alone. They usually don't do that often so it was nice to have the house to explore. I was having a great time. I learnt how to jump from sofa to sofa without using the table that's in between. It was so much fun I had to show them several times last night when they got home. I don't think they were amused though.

I'm not allowed to touch humans daddy's laptop. He always says ''no'' to me when I go sniffing around it but yesterday I was rather curious as to what he does on his computer and since he wasn't here to tell me ''no'' I decided to have a sniff. I was feeling rather tired from all that jumping and I do the love the feel of the heat on my belly from the laptop that I decided to just curl up and nap a bit. When I woke up, I was hungry so I walked off the laptop and went to my food dish.

Not long after that my humans came home. I was so excited as they went shopping and brought back a box. I quickly claimed that box as ''mine'' as I rolled around in it and brought one of my toys to it. I really like my box.

All of a sudden, human daddy yelled ''WTF is up with my laptop?'' - I just looked at him and stayed in my box. I then heard him mention my name to human mommy. He started to say that everything was ''Upside Down'' on his screen and that his wireless was turned off.

He then turned to me and said '' Dunkin, what did you do?'' - At that moment I decided it was best to play asleep, so I quickly closed my eyes and just laid still in my box. He wasn't amused. I then heard him say that there was ''fur'' all over the keys. I then realized that I left evidence behind at the scene. I quietly moved myself out of the box and then ran quickly under the bed. I stayed there until the coast was clear to come back out and play some more with my box.

I do love my box.

I guess human daddy is ok because this morning he put my blanket into my box for me. Now, its nice and cozy here. I think I'll take a little nap.

I did learn my lesson: When the humans are away, Dunkin will play...but make sure you leave no evidence for them to find.

I had a Purrfect day - well almost.

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  1. Hi,
    We follow you on Twitter, love your Blog! You are very photogenic and so cute!

    We love boxes too, they are more fun then expensive toys.

    Madi & Abi