Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Tweets?

So, day 2 on this thing called Twitter - have you tried it yet? So far, I have enrolled many other feline friends to help in my world domination of the human species. We will control them all! Muhahaha, in due time of course.


there is one thing bothering me? Why do we call them tweets? Dang birds get everything named after them. I mean come on they already have the freedom to fly anywhere they want to go. Why can't we call them ''Cat calls'' or ''Purrs'' or ''Meow Messages''? Ok, maybe not ''Cat Calls'' cause that might just get the strange humans chasing us.... Hey, I would even allow them to call it a ''woof'' once in a while. Well, I guess whoever this human is who created this Twitter thingy must not have a cat yet. We need to get him a cat so we can get control of this Twitter situation.

Why not come and have a ''Tweet'' with me at
Its been rather a good day. It was FollowFriday which means you get to make a lot of friends, I even made friends with a dog today. We all had a few laughs and shared a few secrets. Occassionally, you get some sort of human wanting to sell you something but I just let my human take care of them. They then disappear, kinda like I do when I crawl under the dresser.
All the cool cats are ''twittering'' nowadays. So come on now, join me and tell your other feline friends about our mission.

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