Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, pay attention I'm telling you about me!

Now that I have your attention...geesh, humans really do seem to get distracted easily.

I was born in July 2008. My mom couldn't handle raising 4 boys on her own so she had to give us up to the local shelter. The animal rescue here makes sure that all animals get a loving home.

We didn't have names yet, so the shelter gave us names, and since humans think they are so creative when it comes to names - we ended up being named after turtles! How intelligent is that? Don't humans know the difference between turtles and cats? Anyway, my name then became Michelangelo. At least I got the coolest name of all 4 as my brothers got stuck with Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo.

I was the runt of the litter. Much smaller than my brothers. I was also fluffy while my brothers had short fur. I sometimes wonder if I even had the same daddy because I really looked different from them.

There were tons of kittens at the shelter and they use to let us out of our cages and run freely in the store. Most of the kittens would play together but for me, I used to run and explore and sometimes cause some mischief.

Humans always came in to see us. Little humans use to chase me around the store, I really didn't like that as I wasn't sure what they wanted from me.

One day these two humans came into the store and I was sitting there in my cage and they kept looking at me. I had no idea what their problem was. I decided to walk up to them and press my nose against the cold crate. Next minute they were petting me and I really liked that. I was then allowed to come out of the cage to visit them.

I climb right up onto the man's shoulder and just sat there looking around. It was really interesting up here as I've never see the store from this height. I was really comfy so I decided to lay down right there on his shoulder. He walked all around the store with me laying on his shoulder and it was great!

I don't know what I did wrong but after an hour of being with them they left. I just watched them from the window and then they disappeared. More humans came in but I just kept thinking about these two.

The next morning I was running around the store again and all of a sudden I was picked up from behind. I didn't know what was happening to me. I turned around and it was them! They came back. I climbed right back up on his shoulder and sat there. They were talking with the other humans about adoption but I didn't know what that word meant. Then the store human told me that I now have a new mommy and daddy and that I can go home with them on Friday.

They took my picture (that's they one you see on this page) and then left again. I couldn't wait till Friday, even though I didn't know what Friday was I knew that I was going to see them again.

I left my brothers that day, I don't know what happened to them but the store human told my new mommy and daddy that they got adopted too, so I was really happy cause that meant they too had a shoulder to climb on!

Ok, so that's my story of how I found these humans and got adopted. Have you thought about going to your local shelter and seeing if there are any kittens or cats that might like your shoulder too? Go on now, take a drive down there. You will make some kitty just like me very very happy.

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