Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rappin' Cats - Catnipperz

We are Catnipperz
And Yes, we're da cat
and don’t get us confused

We're handsome and cute
And have tons of fur
And when we walk by
All the girl kitties purr

We tweet all day
About life on da' street
and act cute for human momma
So she will give us a treat

What momma don’t know
Is that we're really brats
and planning to control humans
To give us something to laugh at

But we're not alone
My anipals and us have da plan
Paw by Paw
We will dominate man

So to all you animals
Who want to take control
Play “nice” with your humans for now...
Until we can fill our OWN food bowl

© Catnipperz


Yo, All you twitterpaw Pets
Duckies are in the house
Have you got yours yet?
They are better than a toy mouse

Their fuzzy yellow furr
Makes all the cats purr
And their yummy catnip treat
Just can’t be beat!

We love our duckies so
And give them tons of licks
We’ll never let them go
We’ll teach them to do tricks

We roll around the floor
And take our duckies to bed
Our duckies never bore
All that catnip goes to our head

Yo, Yo, My duckie friend
You are the best
We will be pals to the end
Now let’s go take a rest...... NAP OUT

© Catnipperz

Duck image courtesy of Cedric Hohnstadt

1 comment:

  1. Yo bro! You be gettin' down on the flo' with that duckie rap! ("Nap out" - luv it!!!!)