Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dunkin the Puppy?

All week long I've been hearing about ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' - Which made me start thinking about how unfair the world is to cats. It seems the world caters to Dogs. They have Dog Parks, Doggie Bags, Guide Dogs, Doggie Bakeries and the list goes on and on.

What is so great about dogs that the humans must feel that they have to take their dogs to work with them on June 26th?

Just because DOG spells GOD backwards - does not mean that the world should worship our four legged friend.

This Curious Cat ( no lives will be spared while doing this inquiry ) has decided to find out first Paw what this ''take your dog to work day'' is all about and why dogs seem to get all the attention.

I've been working rather hard today to come up with a good disguise so I will blend right in with the other dogs at work. So................. what do you think?

I will be reporting back tomorrow to update you on my discovery.

This is Dunkin_the_Cat ...errrrrr I mean.... Dunkin_the_Puppy signing off for now.


  1. Excellent disguise! No one will suspect.

  2. Woof! You can comes to werk with me any day handsome doggie! You is a doggie, isn't you?

  3. Actually, you make a very good looking dog, Dunkin. But of course, everyone knows we cats are much better looking than dogs. I'm sure there are dogs who would disagree with this, but we know better.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and welcome to our cat blogging community.

    Say...once you become a Mancat, join The Club and Max & I will buy you lunch.