Friday, June 26, 2009

Just Another Dog Day?

My plan was foiled! I've been De-Nosed??

I was all ready this morning for ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' I was excited to find out what this special doggy day was all about and to see why humans seem to cater to dogs.

Have you ever noticed that the word CATER - is spelt with CAT? So, shouldn't it be that CAT that gets catered, not the dog? hmmmm.

Daddy started to get ready for work. He put his uniform on, I put on my disguise. He put on his boots, I licked my paws. He kissed momma goodbye, I rubbed up against her legs.

I then proceeded to sit by the door just like a good doggie would.

It was time to leave - daddy just looked at me and he bent down. I thought at that moment he was going to put on my lead to take me but No - he just gave me a quick stroke of the fur and said ''be a good boy for momma'' and off he went!

I tried so hard to bark, I opened my mouth and attempted to form the 'woof' but all that came out was a squeaky 'meow'. I went and grabbed my lead to bring it to him but the door shut and he was gone - I ran to the window trying so hard to catch his attention but nothing. I sat there watching the truck pull away.

I guess I'll have to wait to next year to find out what this ''Take your Dog to Work Day'' is really all about. At least it gives me a year to plan out another disguise. Hopefully that one will be a successful one and I'll be able to report back to you.

I'm going to talk to Doe E. Duck and see if he saw anything exciting when he went to work with daddy the other day.

But first, Nap time.


  1. A suggestshun: You mite want to drop the "rubbing on legs" part - a dead give-a-way that you is not a dog. The only time doggies rub is to wipe off their dirty moufs on pants legs after they have had messy noms. Keep werking on it and you be better at it by next year.

  2. Thanks Shawnee - I think that might had been the giveaway. Always next year.