Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday is Donut Day

I knew it was Saturday cause the alarm clock never went off and momma and daddy didn't move out of bed till much later. I have to admit I do let them sleep a bit longer on Saturdays cause I know that if I am really good I'll get a special morning treat...Donuts!

On the weekend daddy has to get his coffee and always get donuts too. I have a weakness for those yummy doughy chocolaty frosted glazed donuts.

I waited patiently at the window for daddy to return. I started to ignore the birdies who were chirping away trying to get my attention. I was too busy thinking about my donut. I started to lick my whiskers in anticipation. Sometimes my mind can get rather evil cause I found myself having thoughts of waiting by the door for daddy and when he walks in - I'll walk out in front of him and make him trip over me...that way I could have more than one donut - I would get them all. I realized that wasn't a good plan cause daddy might get hurt or worse, the donuts might not fall out of the box and then daddy would be angry at me and give me none. So, back to the window I went.

Daddy finally came home. The feast of lovely chocolaty frosted donuts began. My tongue couldn't lick them fast enough. I really wish I could have this everyday.

After our breakfast momma said to daddy that they had to get their errands done early. I was all excited cause that meant I got the house alone. My belly was nice and full so I figured a nice peaceful nap would make this the perfect morning.

Before I knew it I was being put in my crate. Now, I know the crate means car ride. I dont freak when I see the crate cause I go for a lot of car rides and I do enjoy them. We didn't go in the truck so I knew we weren't going to the RV - our other house on wheels. The car usually means a long drive to grandhumans house or to the Pet Store. We ended up at the Pet Store. I've been going to the pet store since I was a kitten and they love seeing me grow.

Momma and daddy picked up some food - it wasn't the type I eat so I was wondering who it was for. We then went down the toy aisle. My favorite place to be! So many great toys and colors. I get all excited seeing them. Momma grabbed 2 duckies that were on the shelf which left 1 duckie all by himself. Next minute Daddy picked up the last duckie on the shelf. I was thinking ''Oh no, he is going to kidnap another duck.'' Momma also grabbed some springs, mice and some treats for me to try.

The toy aisle is near the ''adopt a shelter cat'' cages. Momma always go over to them and says hi. I sometimes don't like to look cause I get all nervous. The last time an older cat hissed at me. Momma saw this 2 year old Maine coon mix that needed a home. I felt bad she didn't have a home. Next minute, the humans started talking about getting me a playmate cause I really should have a friend at home. I was thinking what a good idea that would be. They said they were going to talk to the people at the shelter when we go up there to drop off the food and toys. I then realized we were shopping for the cats that didn't have a home like me.

We left the store and drove up to the shelter where momma brought the presents in. I didn't get to go into the shelter cause the dogs that are there always scare me with their barking so I waited in the car with daddy. That's when daddy reached into a bag and pulled out another duckie! He told me that this duckie was for me. I was thinking I already have a duckie...but as soon as he gave it to me I was like, ''Oh duckie I can love you too.''

I guess at that moment I decided to forgive my daddy for kidnapping Doe E. Duck the other day. How could I stay mad at him. He really is a good human. I guess he thought he was just being funny when he did that.

Now, I have another duckie that I need to name. I'll have to have a talk with Doe E. Duck and see what he thinks we should name them. I hope he doesn't get jealous. Maybe I'll give him some name that relates to my daddy. Since he did something rather nice for me.

I'll let you know what I come up with and also take some pics of me with my duckies.

I'm gonna go and take a nap now cause it was such a busy day for me.

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