Friday, July 31, 2009

Fish Friday

Another Friday is here. I just get so excited when it's Friday. To me it means that my daddy comes home and he is home for the weekend. Yay! I get double attention on weekends.

It also means that humans will go shopping and buy me some kibble and usually some kind of treat. I wonder what I will get today?

Maybe it will be something fishy. I don't eat a lot of fishy food or treats but when I do my belly just loves it.

Momma says it gives me smelly breath but I don't care. I still nom nom it all down and then go up to momma for a kitty kiss to thank her for buying me some. MOL ( I just love to tease her)

I'm just gonna have to sit here and wait till daddy gets home to see what I am getting. Till then, it's sweet thoughts of yummy fish.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Summer has finally arrived - The humidity is given me a bad fur day and to make matters worse I find myself rather confused as to why do they call this ''The Dog Days of Summer''? Everything always seems to go to the dogs. They get all the credit. I think we need to really state what it means to us.

Dog days of Summer (Cats are cool, so we don't feel the heat)

Dog Tired (catnip is our secret)

It's a dogs life (Cat's Rule, dogs drool)

love me, love my dog (we have 9 lives, more time to love us)

in the dogs house (Cat's pajamas, at least we do it in style)

I could go on and on but I'll stop there cause I'm not trying to start a war between the dogs and cats - actually, I hope that someday we all can get along. I get along better with my grandparents doggie than I do the cats that are in that house. (actually, the cats ignore me, I think its because I'm still a kitten to them and they are both older cats)

So, here's to the Dogs & Cats Days of Summer!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FURMINATOR - I'll Be Back.....(weekly)

As most of you know, I'm a rather ''Fluffy'' cat. Yes, I'm talking about my fur this time and not my weight. I have tons of lovely long fur that momma just loves but only loves when its on ME and not the beds, clothes, rugs, sofa... you get the picture.

Since I was a kitten she has always brushed or combed me, which to be honest I truly enjoy except when she hits my tickle spot. I love the comb so much that momma even went out and bought me a pack of combs for me to play with. She loves it when I hold the comb between my paws and try to rub my neck on it. She says I look cute.

Anyways, momma has been trying to keep up with the daily brushing but sometimes its just not possible. Which explains all the fur that she is finding all around the house. Momma has spent many hours researching products that would be both beneficial to me as a cat and also to her. After much reviews she has decided to try the Furminator
(check it out here I bet you are wondering what is a Furminator? I know it kinda sounds Sc-Fi, high tech, even scary if you think of Fumigate but NO, its none of that. Its a deshedding tool. A simple handy light weight Deshedding Tool for your pet. They come in different sizes depending on your pet. It has a stainless steel edge that removes the undercoat and loose hair without cutting your pets fur.

Lets start at the beginning. Momma wanted to get a Furminator, daddy said at first, ''no, he thought it was a bit pricey for something he wasn't sure if it would work'' - so, Momma kept buying other grooming products and still wasn't happy. Momma finally gave in and bought a tool that is similar to the Furminator. She gave that a try and liked the concept of the tool but she didn't find the ''wow'' factor in it. She felt that the blade didn't grip as well as the combs actually did. She stopped using it on me and went back to the comb. Momma finally got a chance to get the Furminator. She was very excited when the box came. I even had a sniff to see if it was for me. It didn't smell like cat treats so I just walked away from the box. The box included 1 cat Furminator deshedding tool, 1 Waterless deshedding shampoo & conditioner (smells good) and a fact info sheet.

Unfortunately, momma didn't have a chance to use the Furminator right when it came because her health has been a bit off this past month and her joints in her hands have been poorly. She kept telling me though that the box was a surprise for me and that she hoped I liked it.

Today was my surprise day. She put the box down on the floor, I had another sniff, still didn't smell any cat treats. She took the tool out of the box and I was like ''Oh, I like the look of that''. Momma said the same thing.

Momma loved the handle and how light it felt in her hand. It was easy for her to grip with her hand. She was very impressed with the De-shedding blade on it. It wasn't like the other type that she tried. It seemed thicker and stronger looking.

She sat down next to me (I was laying on the floor watching her) and she brought this tool towards me. I just watched her for a moment and then it touched my fur! Oooohhh, I was in heaven. She was very gentle at first with me because she wasn't sure how much pressure to put down on it but she soon realized that you don't need much pressure at all - just press the tool down and stroke it in the same direction as the fur. I loved it! I rolled over on my back and started to stretch out for her to keep doing it. I was purring like crazy.

I don't know who was more pleased. Momma or me because I was loving the feeling of it and momma was shocked at the fur that was coming off my body! She kept saying to daddy ''look at this fur''.

This went on for a good 15 minutes and I was just one happy kitty with the feel of this on my fur. I didn't even realize that fur was coming off of me until momma showed me the pile. I was like '' who's that other cat.''

It does remove a lot of fur. Its not cutting my fur off, its just removing the dead undercoat of my fur, you know, what I normally leave around the house for her to clean. Momma was still a bit nervous when using the tool and I wasn't too sure about her doing around my legs. I think I will have to learn to trust her a bit more because I started to say ''OK enough'' when she got a bit close to my bits. I don't have any bits left but what I do have I want to keep. MOL. I don't really care when she uses the comb there too.

When momma was done '' She turned to daddy and said ''Furminator, I'll be Back'' - Daddy laughed but I had no clue what was so funny. I guess you humans have a weird sense of humor.

Both my humans noticed right away just how shiny my fur was and soft I felt. It was a very enjoyable experience for me. I highly recommend it to any cat who has a shedding problem like me. Make your human happy and reduce the amount that they have to clean.

Just think, a weekly deshedding means less of the scary vacuum monster. I really hate when the sucking monster comes out. It's scary but this will help reduce his visits too! Yay!

Few simple tips from Momma:

Make this an enjoyable time for you and your pet.
Find a nice relaxing spot. Let them sniff the tool.
Use it outdoors or on a blanket that you can wash, as there will be tons of fur.
Use the deshedding tool in quick strokes over the fur, going in the same direction as fur growth.
Do not do it hard, there is no need too. Using the tool with force could cause your pet to get scratched by it if they have sensitive skin.
Be very careful around sensitive areas & bits.
You want your cat to enjoy this special time with you.

I was really surprised at just how much Dunkin was liking it. He kept trying to get the Furminator to rub his neck against it.

I am going to do this once a week. I think that will help reduce my fur problem in the house.

Dunkin and I both approve of the Furminator. High Five/Paws to them.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Call me SOCKS

I think my humans gave me the wrong name. I think they should had called me Socks. No, I don't mean after that famous cat. I think they should had called me Socks after my fetish for them.

You see, ever since I was a little kitten I used to love to find socks in the house and play with them. Roll on the ground with them and even sleep with them. (they make comfy pillows)

I would even take the dirty socks out of the laundry hamper and drag them around the house. Momma used to say ''gross, '' and take them from me.

Now that I am older. I have observed my humans and where they put their socks after laundry day (another reason I love laundry day).

My human daddy has one whole drawer that is nothing but SOCKS! Socks of all colors and textures all rolled up like big balls. I know it's the very top drawer in the dresser. I watch him every morning open it and I get a quick peak of those lovely socks.

Well, the other night when humans went to bed. I noticed that the dresser drawer was partially open. I started to think about those socks and how great it would be if I could have them all. I sat there trying to figure out a way to get these big socks out of the opening of the dresser but it was just too small.

I waited till I heard daddy snoring and then began my plan. I spent the whole night slowly using my paws to pry open the drawer. This was not easy because there are tons of socks so the drawer is quite heavy. I even gave up window patrol to spend the night trying to get these socks.

Slowly I worked my paws in the drawer and pulling and pawing as much as I could. Finally, I got a pair out! From there the rest was easy. I just kept pawing and pulling the socks and dropping them on the floor. (it's a good thing socks don't make a sound when they drop)

I could see it was almost daylight and I still didn't have all the socks out of the drawer yet. I decided oh well I might as well play with the ones I have. I began rolling around the carpet with my lovely socks. I guess I must had hit the dresser a couple of times cause it woke up daddy.

I was shocked! He caught me with my lovely socks. he just started laughing and then woke up momma to show her what I had done.

I tried real hard to cover them up with my body but you could still see them all around me.

Humans ended up picking up all the socks and putting them back in the drawer. Like that is going to stop me from getting them? I now know how to get my lovely socks so just wait till next time you leave me alone. I will have a whole day with my socks.


Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday

No Photo's today momma please!
Why do you always feel the need to take my picture? I know that I am adorable, handsome, gorgeous but please let me nap once in a while. I was just laying here peacefully then all of a sudden you have that silver machine in my face going click, click, click.
Don't make me throw a hissy fit.

I'm going to go and lay in the window. Maybe there I can get some peace and just take a lovely nap dreaming of my birdies and squirrels. ahhh, nice and comfy here.

Oh NO, what was that flash!

Not again! *Hiss*

That's it!

Time for me to become ''Evil Cat''

I will seek my revenge on your toes while you sleep. Meowhahahahaha

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I lost a life today .

Here I am just turned 1 years old a couple of weeks ago and I lost a life already. Ok, I owe a life of mine to my momma because she saved me.

Technically, it was momma's fault. Not mine. (Cat's remember do not accept fault, always blame the humans)

It was a lovely morning and I was in the kitchen. I have this favorite spot that I just love nap in. It's on top of the kitchen cabinets. Momma gets really upset when I go up there because I'm not allowed to go on the counters but she doesn't realize that I don't touch the counter I actually am climbing on the bakers rack next to the counter. MOL.

So here I was, laying there minding my own business when momma walked into the kitchen. She saw me up on the cabinet and looked right at me and said '' who's that handsome boy up there'' - Momma always calls me handsome and I get really excited when she does.

Momma kept talking to me and saying ''what a handsome boy I am'' - well, all of a sudden, I couldn't contain my excitement anymore and I do what I always do when she says that to me - I roll over!! (note to self: do not roll over on top of a cabinet)

Next minute, I was in momma arms. She caught me! I was rolling in the air and landed right in momma's arms. I just looked at her like ''what's going on, how you did reach me'' - and then I realized what happened.

Momma gave me tons of cuddles and said to me ''that's why you shouldn't go up there you silly kitty.''

I owe momma tons of kitty cuddles for saving me. She really is a good human.

As for me, I haven't learnt my lesson. I still go up on the cabinets.

If Daddy Only Knew....

That while he is at work all day - I'm relaxing on his side of the bed.

Ahhh, life is good.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Busy

I've been so busy lately with all my napping and playing that I haven't been good at blogging. I need to catch up on my emails and start blogging again.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday is HISS DAY

I am not happy. I usually love Saturdays. My normal Saturday goes like this:

Wake up humans by jumping on bed.
Go to litter box.
Jump in sink and look for water.
Go back to bedroom and jump on bed (cause humans still aren't out of bed yet)
Then sit in window while daddy goes out and gets donuts! (I love donuts and Saturday is always donut day)
Eat my yummy donut while enjoying my day with humans. (happy cat)


This Saturday went like this:

Wake up humans by jumping on bed.
Humans got right up on first jump (weird)
Go to litter box - while in box momma poured a bunch of food into my dish (strange)
Go to bathroom to jump into sink (but daddy was in there, you don't want to go in there when daddy is in there, smelly) So, I drank out of my dish instead.
Momma was in bedroom getting change. (it's rather early to change clothes, I thought)
She gives me a bunch of belly rubs and tells me to be a good boy. (Aren't I always a good boy?)

I run to the window and wait for daddy to leave. I look out the window and see both momma and daddy leaving. (Maybe he needs momma to go too cause he is buying extra donuts and needs help carrying them?)

I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. I finally left the window and walked around the house to see if they were back yet but nope, still not home. I went back to the bedroom and the bed was empty so I decided to take a nap for a bit.

When I woke up I quickly jumped off the bed and ran to the window but the truck still wasn't back yet. Where could they be? They never leave me alone. When they go out for the day the always take me with them. I was getting rather angry at them for leaving me didn't even get my donut yet.

Finally, I heard the truck. I ran to the door and waited for them to come in. They were so happy to see me. Momma picked me up and started to cuddle me and I got all hissy with her. How dare they leave me! She put me down and I just attacked her foot and ran into the other room.

I think they know that I am not happy. The worst part of all of this is that they didn't even bring me a donut. It was Saturday, didn't they realize that? *hiss*

I'm going to get even with them while they are sleeping....oh wait, should I say not sleeping cause I'm going to make all sorts of noises tonight and keep them awake.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Yup, it's the end of the week. Another week has passed me quickly. I haven't been a happy kitty lately cause the weather hasn't been great. I like it when it's warm and sunny out cause that means all the birdies and squirrels come to visit my yard and I can watch them through the window. This summer has been rainy and sitting in the window gets boring when there is nothing to watch.

What I don't understand about birdies is that when its nice and sunny they are all over my lawn but when it rains they seem to disappear. It's like they don't like water but I know that's not true cause once it stops raining the birds come out and go swimming in the big puddles! Why don't they just play out in the rain then? That way I have something to watch when its not nice out.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you! I was looking out the window and a stranger came into my yard. I have no idea who he is cause I've never seen him before. He was looking around my yard and kept walking under my window and just looking at me. I kinda got nervous and let out a hiss (I really didn't mean too) and that kinda scared him a bit and he took off towards the driveway. Momma said he was really handsome looking, (ya, I got jealous, cause she calls only me handsome, I don't want her calling strays handsome too.)so momma tried to get it to come to back near the house but he wouldn't have it. She took a quick picture through the screen but you really can't see him that well.

There usually isn't a lot of cats roaming the neighborhood, actually, there is only one that I know of and that is the calico cat who lives next door. He seems to have a lot of freedom and comes and sits on his fence and just looks over at me...but..he doesn't come into my yard. Maybe he is afraid of me.

Bring on the weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay out of trouble.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What do you see in the Clouds


It's Monday morning - I'm just relaxing in the window. It's a beautiful day here. Finally, we have had sun for more than two days! First in weeks.

Today, the sky is so blue with big fluffy white clouds. They look so comfy like pillows. I wonder if you could lay on them and take a catnap while floating around?

I've been watching these clouds for hours. They make funny shapes. I just saw a cloud that looked like a fish. It just floated right by my window. Made me rather hungry that I got up and checked my food dish but nope, nothing fishy in it today.

Back at my window now. That cloud looks like its smiling at me. Actually, I think I have seen that cloud before. It looks like my friend @Happybanana on twitter. With its big eyes and smile.

It's just a relaxing day for me. I think I'll take a nice long nap while the sun shines down on my fur.

If you get a moment, look up in the sky and tell me what do you see?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekends are made for Dunkin

I just love the weekends for several reasons.

1) Daddy is home all weekend. (even though he has ducknapped my duckie before, I do like it when he is home cause we usually end up going out somewhere plus he gives me tons of attention at home)

2)Saturday is Donut Day. I love it when daddy goes out and gets donuts and bring them home. nom nom, chocolate frosty glazed donuts are my favorite!

3)Pawty time - yup, the anipals had a pawty this weekend and it was a blast. I got to stop by for a few hours during the night to have some catinis and do some dancing and just have some fun.

I took a quick picture while at the pawty - Here it is:

I don't know why everyday can't be weekend days. Humans are so much happier on weekends, I get much more attention on weekend plus I get some yummy treats.

I just love the weekends.

Oh ya, I even had sun this weekend.

Life is good.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Up Up and Away

Took yesterday off to recover from my birthday. What a birthday it was too.

Here it is Friday, the end of a busy week. Daddy told momma that he has a surprise for her after work. She has no idea what it is. Maybe it will be something yummy that she will share with me. (She always shares her treats)

Guess I'll have to wait with her. I'll just sit here in this window and wait for big truck to come home.

Yay, daddy is home! I don't see any surprise in his hands. Maybe he forgot? Hmmm, I'm sitting here watching them talk back and forth and I can't figure out whats going on.

Wait! Are you leaving me home alone? Are you going out? I want to go too! Where are you going? Why are they ignoring me? (I'll think I'll jump on the table, that always gets their attention)

Momma just filled up my food dish and water dish. I know what that means. They are going out and I get full control of the house. Anyone want to pawty? MOL

I guess daddy is taken momma out for her surprise so I'm gonna have to wait and see what it is.

Hours have past - where are they?

Finally the humans are home. Did you forget about me? I've been sitting in this window all night waiting for you. Did you bring me back a surprise? Momma told me that she saw balloons. Balloons? You left me alone for balloons? She told me that there was a cat on a one of the balloons. I really wasn't that interested and I just let her keep talking while she was giving me tons of chin scratches. Ohhh, I do love chin scratches. I dropped to the floor and rolled over so she could rub my belly while she continued to talk. (she talks way too much)

anyways, I guess daddy took her to some hot air balloon festival and carnival and they ate yummy food and listened to live band and watch these balloons glow in the night. I don't think that is much of a surprise. Ok, maybe the yummy food part.

So, that was my Friday night, hope yours was just as enjoyable as my humans.
I'm going back to these chin scratches now...aww thats so nice. Purrrrr

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do Not Disturb

DO NOT DISTURB .....Sleeping off my birthday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

My birthday celebrations are over. I had a wonderful birthday, thanks to all my anipals.

The ''Adopt My Birthday Duckie'' Winner was announced this morning at 9am on Twitter. First, I want to thank everyone who submitted their names or a name of another to become the proud owner of my birthday duckie. My momma wished she had more to give out.

Secondly, (and the most exciting part) The winner of the Duckie is @MuffinandBean!!! Congrats to both of you. I hope you will be good kittycats and share the duckie. Play nicely now. Don't forget to join the Duckie Club and to give your duckie tons of love.

Thank you all again.

*Nosetaps to all*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday To ME!

It's my birthday! I'm am now officially 1 year old! I'm so excited about turning 1 cause that makes me an adult cat now. MOL Momma says I'm still a kitten to her. She says I have lots more growing to do too.

I started my morning jumping on momma's & daddy's bed. I wanted them to wake up so I could start my day. Momma always gets up before daddy and makes daddy and I something to eat. She started my morning with Milk! I got a yummy bowl of milk while she made daddy's toast and tea.

She sang ''Happy Birthday'' to me - Don't let momma know, but she can't sing - she sounds like an alley cat sitting on a fence....but, I still gave her a head tap to show her that I appreciated it and to make her stop singing. (my poor ears)

Daddy got up shortly after and gave me my morning belly rubs and sang happy birthday too. At least he can carry a tune.

I know there are presents in this house cause I saw momma come home yesterday with a Pet Smart bag so I know I got a surprise coming but nothing yet. I'll keep you posted cause I'm gonna snoop around the house and see what I can find.


I got my pressies! I am one spoiled kittycat! I got springs, lightup ball, catnip mouse & teddybear, Bat & bobble toy (which I love) and yummy treats. I also got to lick the Pet Smart bags, which was the best. Momma watched me closely.

Also, In honor of my birthday momma also bought another DUCKIE - not for me silly, but to donate to a cat that does not have one. We are taken names on Twitter and will be picking the winner out of my birthday hat tomorrow. Just DM us your name on twitter to be entered. We will be picking a winner around 9am (est). Good Luck.

I think I'm ready for bed soon, I'm rather pawty out from playing with my toys and all the yummy treats I had tonight. Just wanted to thank all my anipals for making my first birthday the best birthday eva!!

Nosetaps to all & Kitty Kisses

Monday, July 6, 2009

Laundry Day is Play Day!

The sun is out and momma is doing laundry! I get so excited when she does laundry cause that means that I get to go outside with her while she hangs the washing on the line. I know that doesn't sound exciting but you see it is for me cause I'm an indoor cat so I don't get out much unless momma takes me out on my lead.

While she is hanging laundry I usually get to play with the clothespins/pegs. She always ends up dropping one and then I grab them with my paws and start playing with them. Yesterday she dropped two! I had one in my mouth while trying to pick up the other. I wasn't successful as I kept dropping the one in my mouth. I kept both the pegs close to me so momma wouldn't take them away.

I also love laundry day because when the laundry is done she lets me help her put the stuff away. She brings all the laundry into the bedroom and puts it on the bed. She grabs a bunch of hangers ( oooh, I love plastic hangers)and puts them in a pile on the bed. That's where I jump in and grab a hanger to wrestle with. I love to bite into them and wrap my paws around them. Fun Fun.

Momma always takes the laundry basket and puts it over my head. I like that too.

MY favorite thing is Making the Bed!!! Every since I was a little kitten I have always played this game with momma when she makes the bed. I run and jump on top of the bed while she is putting down the fitted sheet. She continues to make the bed over me while I'm under the fitted sheet. Can You See Me? MOL I'll roll around while she tries to chase me out saying ''where's Dunkin'' - I wait till she puts the blankets on the bed and then I'll pop my head out and go ''Peekaboo'' it's so much fun. I'll then jump on the blanket and pull the covers back down. It's a fun game! I never miss it. We do it every morning too with the blanket when she makes the bed for the day.

I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I could be sleeping in the other room and if I hear the sheets or blankets being moved - I wake right up and run and jump on to the bed. I told ya, I never miss this chance to play the game.

Momma thinks its cute but sometimes she gets annoyed cause I'll pull the blanket back off the bed.

I do love Laundry day! Fun Fun fun. What type of fun do you enjoy?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Just wanted to wish all my anipals and humans a very Happy 4th of July.

Today has been a day of pawties. The humans all over the neighborhood have been having huge celebration in what they say is a holiday.

Some of my observations so far:

Tons of humans in all shapes and sizes

Food is everywhere you turn. On tables, counters, grills and floor. My nose has been twitching all day with different smells. Yum Yum

I keep hearing music playing and people singing.

Humans jumping in and out of big bowl of water in the backyard. (humans are strange, I would never jump in my bowl but then again its not that big.)

Bangs, booms and whistles. I heard them last night but they had flashes of lights with them. I don't see any flashes of lights but I do see the sun. Sun makes me happy.

Humans playing with toys. I didn't know that humans had toys too. Looks like they are having fun but I prefer my duckies to play with.

Speaking of duckies - humans keep trying to take my duckies and throw them up in the air. Don't they know that my duckies don't fly? *hiss*

Smoke coming from corner of the yard. I don't want to explore as it looks scary like a Big Black monster breathing smoke.

Humans laughing - baby human crying - I think baby human might need her litter box change.

Birdies are everywhere. They keep flying over my head. Grandhuman has little houses in trees for them.

More food. I keep getting little treats from some of the humans. nom nom nom

Ok.... going to see what else I can find.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

It's been over a month now - of nothing but rainy gray skies. I long for the sunshine. The other day the rain got so bad that my street was completely flooded. I was watching things float on by.

I got a little nervous about it and decided it was time for me to take some swimming lessons - just in case.

So, I put on my pawfloaties and jumped right in. Not sure if I am doing this right though - what do you think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Today is a new month. I could not wait to say goodbye to June. There are 30 days in June and 25 of them have been rain. I sit in my window everyday cause I love watching the birds and squirrels but mostly because I love the warm feeling of the sun on my fur. Well, that hasn't happened much at all.

I woke up today thinking ok new month we will awake to sunshine and I can lie on my back and let my belly soak up the warmth. Was I ever so wrong! I got up this morning and looked out my window and the Sky has fallen! Big fat clouds surrounding my house and I can't even see up the street. I don't even know if there are birdies on my lawn because I can't see. I'm not a happy kitty now. Look at my view! You can barely see my favorite tree.
Maybe I need to talk to my anipals on twitter and see who can send me some sun my way. I know that it can't be that far away. I just want to be able to go out and play with momma in the yard.

Oh no, wait, didn't momma say she was gonna de-shed me once the sun came out? Something about going out in yard and using her new tool on my fur? Ok, so there has been an advantage to this yucky weather - it has delayed my grooming.

No, I want the sunshine. I want the warmth who cares about the grooming. Please send me some sunshine. I'll be a good kitty, I promise.

See how happy I look when I have sunshine? (yes, that is my happy face) but I was focusing on birdie when momma took it.

Happy July 1st everyone! I'm going to take a nap and dream of sunshine, its probably the only way I'm going to have any. MOL