Monday, July 6, 2009

Laundry Day is Play Day!

The sun is out and momma is doing laundry! I get so excited when she does laundry cause that means that I get to go outside with her while she hangs the washing on the line. I know that doesn't sound exciting but you see it is for me cause I'm an indoor cat so I don't get out much unless momma takes me out on my lead.

While she is hanging laundry I usually get to play with the clothespins/pegs. She always ends up dropping one and then I grab them with my paws and start playing with them. Yesterday she dropped two! I had one in my mouth while trying to pick up the other. I wasn't successful as I kept dropping the one in my mouth. I kept both the pegs close to me so momma wouldn't take them away.

I also love laundry day because when the laundry is done she lets me help her put the stuff away. She brings all the laundry into the bedroom and puts it on the bed. She grabs a bunch of hangers ( oooh, I love plastic hangers)and puts them in a pile on the bed. That's where I jump in and grab a hanger to wrestle with. I love to bite into them and wrap my paws around them. Fun Fun.

Momma always takes the laundry basket and puts it over my head. I like that too.

MY favorite thing is Making the Bed!!! Every since I was a little kitten I have always played this game with momma when she makes the bed. I run and jump on top of the bed while she is putting down the fitted sheet. She continues to make the bed over me while I'm under the fitted sheet. Can You See Me? MOL I'll roll around while she tries to chase me out saying ''where's Dunkin'' - I wait till she puts the blankets on the bed and then I'll pop my head out and go ''Peekaboo'' it's so much fun. I'll then jump on the blanket and pull the covers back down. It's a fun game! I never miss it. We do it every morning too with the blanket when she makes the bed for the day.

I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I could be sleeping in the other room and if I hear the sheets or blankets being moved - I wake right up and run and jump on to the bed. I told ya, I never miss this chance to play the game.

Momma thinks its cute but sometimes she gets annoyed cause I'll pull the blanket back off the bed.

I do love Laundry day! Fun Fun fun. What type of fun do you enjoy?

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