Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FURMINATOR - I'll Be Back.....(weekly)

As most of you know, I'm a rather ''Fluffy'' cat. Yes, I'm talking about my fur this time and not my weight. I have tons of lovely long fur that momma just loves but only loves when its on ME and not the beds, clothes, rugs, sofa... you get the picture.

Since I was a kitten she has always brushed or combed me, which to be honest I truly enjoy except when she hits my tickle spot. I love the comb so much that momma even went out and bought me a pack of combs for me to play with. She loves it when I hold the comb between my paws and try to rub my neck on it. She says I look cute.

Anyways, momma has been trying to keep up with the daily brushing but sometimes its just not possible. Which explains all the fur that she is finding all around the house. Momma has spent many hours researching products that would be both beneficial to me as a cat and also to her. After much reviews she has decided to try the Furminator
(check it out here http://www.furminator.com/). I bet you are wondering what is a Furminator? I know it kinda sounds Sc-Fi, high tech, even scary if you think of Fumigate but NO, its none of that. Its a deshedding tool. A simple handy light weight Deshedding Tool for your pet. They come in different sizes depending on your pet. It has a stainless steel edge that removes the undercoat and loose hair without cutting your pets fur.

Lets start at the beginning. Momma wanted to get a Furminator, daddy said at first, ''no, he thought it was a bit pricey for something he wasn't sure if it would work'' - so, Momma kept buying other grooming products and still wasn't happy. Momma finally gave in and bought a tool that is similar to the Furminator. She gave that a try and liked the concept of the tool but she didn't find the ''wow'' factor in it. She felt that the blade didn't grip as well as the combs actually did. She stopped using it on me and went back to the comb. Momma finally got a chance to get the Furminator. She was very excited when the box came. I even had a sniff to see if it was for me. It didn't smell like cat treats so I just walked away from the box. The box included 1 cat Furminator deshedding tool, 1 Waterless deshedding shampoo & conditioner (smells good) and a fact info sheet.

Unfortunately, momma didn't have a chance to use the Furminator right when it came because her health has been a bit off this past month and her joints in her hands have been poorly. She kept telling me though that the box was a surprise for me and that she hoped I liked it.

Today was my surprise day. She put the box down on the floor, I had another sniff, still didn't smell any cat treats. She took the tool out of the box and I was like ''Oh, I like the look of that''. Momma said the same thing.

Momma loved the handle and how light it felt in her hand. It was easy for her to grip with her hand. She was very impressed with the De-shedding blade on it. It wasn't like the other type that she tried. It seemed thicker and stronger looking.

She sat down next to me (I was laying on the floor watching her) and she brought this tool towards me. I just watched her for a moment and then it touched my fur! Oooohhh, I was in heaven. She was very gentle at first with me because she wasn't sure how much pressure to put down on it but she soon realized that you don't need much pressure at all - just press the tool down and stroke it in the same direction as the fur. I loved it! I rolled over on my back and started to stretch out for her to keep doing it. I was purring like crazy.

I don't know who was more pleased. Momma or me because I was loving the feeling of it and momma was shocked at the fur that was coming off my body! She kept saying to daddy ''look at this fur''.

This went on for a good 15 minutes and I was just one happy kitty with the feel of this on my fur. I didn't even realize that fur was coming off of me until momma showed me the pile. I was like '' who's that other cat.''

It does remove a lot of fur. Its not cutting my fur off, its just removing the dead undercoat of my fur, you know, what I normally leave around the house for her to clean. Momma was still a bit nervous when using the tool and I wasn't too sure about her doing around my legs. I think I will have to learn to trust her a bit more because I started to say ''OK enough'' when she got a bit close to my bits. I don't have any bits left but what I do have I want to keep. MOL. I don't really care when she uses the comb there too.

When momma was done '' She turned to daddy and said ''Furminator, I'll be Back'' - Daddy laughed but I had no clue what was so funny. I guess you humans have a weird sense of humor.

Both my humans noticed right away just how shiny my fur was and soft I felt. It was a very enjoyable experience for me. I highly recommend it to any cat who has a shedding problem like me. Make your human happy and reduce the amount that they have to clean.

Just think, a weekly deshedding means less of the scary vacuum monster. I really hate when the sucking monster comes out. It's scary but this will help reduce his visits too! Yay!

Few simple tips from Momma:

Make this an enjoyable time for you and your pet.
Find a nice relaxing spot. Let them sniff the tool.
Use it outdoors or on a blanket that you can wash, as there will be tons of fur.
Use the deshedding tool in quick strokes over the fur, going in the same direction as fur growth.
Do not do it hard, there is no need too. Using the tool with force could cause your pet to get scratched by it if they have sensitive skin.
Be very careful around sensitive areas & bits.
You want your cat to enjoy this special time with you.

I was really surprised at just how much Dunkin was liking it. He kept trying to get the Furminator to rub his neck against it.

I am going to do this once a week. I think that will help reduce my fur problem in the house.

Dunkin and I both approve of the Furminator. High Five/Paws to them.


  1. That's pretty cool, maybe my Sister Sascha would like one of those.

  2. Well said...you should get paid for that fantastic endorsement, Dunkin.

  3. Thanks everyone. If you don't have one yet, I would say you really should cause momma couldn't believe at how much fur came off of my ''fluffy'' body. She is so excited and amazed at how well it did work.

    I can't wait till my next brushing. Purrrrr

  4. That was a great post Dunkin. Mum was thinking of getting me a furminator, and now you have told us how good it is, she will save up to get one.

  5. We're sorry your mom hasn't been feeling well. We hope she is doing better.

    We hear so much about the Furminator. Rusty could really use one but it's too pricy for us now.

    We see you are way out in front of all -- including our Crystal -- in Boris' contest.

  6. I am going to try this on my Persian.

  7. I think we should get this for our fluffy sister Puss. She gets matted sometimes and can be hard to brush.

  8. I'm gonna have mum looking for that thingy.