Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday is HISS DAY

I am not happy. I usually love Saturdays. My normal Saturday goes like this:

Wake up humans by jumping on bed.
Go to litter box.
Jump in sink and look for water.
Go back to bedroom and jump on bed (cause humans still aren't out of bed yet)
Then sit in window while daddy goes out and gets donuts! (I love donuts and Saturday is always donut day)
Eat my yummy donut while enjoying my day with humans. (happy cat)


This Saturday went like this:

Wake up humans by jumping on bed.
Humans got right up on first jump (weird)
Go to litter box - while in box momma poured a bunch of food into my dish (strange)
Go to bathroom to jump into sink (but daddy was in there, you don't want to go in there when daddy is in there, smelly) So, I drank out of my dish instead.
Momma was in bedroom getting change. (it's rather early to change clothes, I thought)
She gives me a bunch of belly rubs and tells me to be a good boy. (Aren't I always a good boy?)

I run to the window and wait for daddy to leave. I look out the window and see both momma and daddy leaving. (Maybe he needs momma to go too cause he is buying extra donuts and needs help carrying them?)

I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. I finally left the window and walked around the house to see if they were back yet but nope, still not home. I went back to the bedroom and the bed was empty so I decided to take a nap for a bit.

When I woke up I quickly jumped off the bed and ran to the window but the truck still wasn't back yet. Where could they be? They never leave me alone. When they go out for the day the always take me with them. I was getting rather angry at them for leaving me didn't even get my donut yet.

Finally, I heard the truck. I ran to the door and waited for them to come in. They were so happy to see me. Momma picked me up and started to cuddle me and I got all hissy with her. How dare they leave me! She put me down and I just attacked her foot and ran into the other room.

I think they know that I am not happy. The worst part of all of this is that they didn't even bring me a donut. It was Saturday, didn't they realize that? *hiss*

I'm going to get even with them while they are sleeping....oh wait, should I say not sleeping cause I'm going to make all sorts of noises tonight and keep them awake.



  1. That is weird. And no donut! What were they thinking!

  2. oh nooes; I hates it when my hooman leaves me homes =( we get put in the basements cuz Mum saz we are too naughtys to be left alone upstairs

  3. They better not leave me alone this weekend or I will destroy this house.