Friday, July 10, 2009

Up Up and Away

Took yesterday off to recover from my birthday. What a birthday it was too.

Here it is Friday, the end of a busy week. Daddy told momma that he has a surprise for her after work. She has no idea what it is. Maybe it will be something yummy that she will share with me. (She always shares her treats)

Guess I'll have to wait with her. I'll just sit here in this window and wait for big truck to come home.

Yay, daddy is home! I don't see any surprise in his hands. Maybe he forgot? Hmmm, I'm sitting here watching them talk back and forth and I can't figure out whats going on.

Wait! Are you leaving me home alone? Are you going out? I want to go too! Where are you going? Why are they ignoring me? (I'll think I'll jump on the table, that always gets their attention)

Momma just filled up my food dish and water dish. I know what that means. They are going out and I get full control of the house. Anyone want to pawty? MOL

I guess daddy is taken momma out for her surprise so I'm gonna have to wait and see what it is.

Hours have past - where are they?

Finally the humans are home. Did you forget about me? I've been sitting in this window all night waiting for you. Did you bring me back a surprise? Momma told me that she saw balloons. Balloons? You left me alone for balloons? She told me that there was a cat on a one of the balloons. I really wasn't that interested and I just let her keep talking while she was giving me tons of chin scratches. Ohhh, I do love chin scratches. I dropped to the floor and rolled over so she could rub my belly while she continued to talk. (she talks way too much)

anyways, I guess daddy took her to some hot air balloon festival and carnival and they ate yummy food and listened to live band and watch these balloons glow in the night. I don't think that is much of a surprise. Ok, maybe the yummy food part.

So, that was my Friday night, hope yours was just as enjoyable as my humans.
I'm going back to these chin scratches now...aww thats so nice. Purrrrr

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  1. Our Mom likes balloons too! We wood rathur have chin skratchies.

    Katie Too