Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekends are made for Dunkin

I just love the weekends for several reasons.

1) Daddy is home all weekend. (even though he has ducknapped my duckie before, I do like it when he is home cause we usually end up going out somewhere plus he gives me tons of attention at home)

2)Saturday is Donut Day. I love it when daddy goes out and gets donuts and bring them home. nom nom, chocolate frosty glazed donuts are my favorite!

3)Pawty time - yup, the anipals had a pawty this weekend and it was a blast. I got to stop by for a few hours during the night to have some catinis and do some dancing and just have some fun.

I took a quick picture while at the pawty - Here it is:

I don't know why everyday can't be weekend days. Humans are so much happier on weekends, I get much more attention on weekend plus I get some yummy treats.

I just love the weekends.

Oh ya, I even had sun this weekend.

Life is good.


  1. Grate shot of the #pawpawty! I see you even got me and @dingodadog in it while we was patrolling on sekurity dooty!

  2. yes, you both made a great sekurity team. Nice job.

  3. Da #pawpawty was so much funs on my Island huh?! Sounds likes you hads a pawsome weekend!


  4. Uh, your daddy does know chocolate is not good for kitties, doesn't he?

    Course, we'd eat the chocolate glazed too if they were offered to us, but Jan doesn't buy them. sigh