Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday

No Photo's today momma please!
Why do you always feel the need to take my picture? I know that I am adorable, handsome, gorgeous but please let me nap once in a while. I was just laying here peacefully then all of a sudden you have that silver machine in my face going click, click, click.
Don't make me throw a hissy fit.

I'm going to go and lay in the window. Maybe there I can get some peace and just take a lovely nap dreaming of my birdies and squirrels. ahhh, nice and comfy here.

Oh NO, what was that flash!

Not again! *Hiss*

That's it!

Time for me to become ''Evil Cat''

I will seek my revenge on your toes while you sleep. Meowhahahahaha


  1. Oh teh fun of being evil cat and getting toes!

  2. I'm really good at getting toes while they sleep. sometimes I even can get a finger or too, but that usually wakes them up.