Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise Monday

I had a wonderful weekend with my humans but before you knew it, Monday was here. Mondays are usually pretty boring around here. I just spend most of the day sleeping because of my busy weekends but this Monday was different.

Momma went out to get the mail. The mailman came early today, which is really unusual. I usually have to sit in the window for hours waiting for his truck. (this is one truck that I love the sound of and usually come running when I hear it)

Momma came back in the house and said ''Dunkin, you got a surprise in the mail'' - I was like -''oooh let me see, let me see! ''

I got two packages from @grpetsupply - I won their contest! Woo-Hoo! I couldn't wait to open my packages and see what was inside them.

The first one was in a bag, much easier on my teeth as I could just tear open the side and them momma helped me with the rest. I knew it had to be something wonderful because their website is the coolest!

Inside I found a beautiful collar - a Man-Cat collar. I've never had a collar before. This one also had a bell on that. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like the bell but wow, it was so pawesome. Every time I moved it made a little noise. I felt like I was special.

The other was a box. I couldn't open it myself so momma helped but once open I put my paw inside and out came Bubble wrap! How cool was that? They sent me bubble wrap. I love playing with bubble wrap.

I started to lick the bubble wrap but then I smelt something oh so good. I knew that scent too well. It was catnip! I knew there had to be something hiding inside the bubble wrap so I began to rip open and Ta-da! There was a huge back of the best catnip around! I kept trying to get the bag open but I couldn't. I had to wait till momma could open it for me. dang.

I was such a happy cat (not just because of the catnip, mol) but because I got two of the coolest gifts from - if you haven't already checked them out - you must. They have tons of stuff for all kinds of anipals.

I even got to be Spokepet for the day! Now how cool is that! Look how GORGEOUS I look.

I just want to say big thank you to all my friends at @grpetsupply! You are Pawesome!

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