Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can This Week Get Any Better: I Got a New Bed!

How can I be such a lucky cat? Yesterday I got surprises in the mail and today I got another! There was a knock on the door and this man was standing there talking to momma. He told her that he had a delivery for Mr. Dunkin - I was like ''hey that's me'' - Somebody has sent me a big box to play in! Yay!

I couldn't wait for momma to open the box so I could jump right in and play with it. I mean, a cat always dreams of having the biggest box there is to play with and here it was sent to me.

Momma opened the box and I jumped right in! But wait! There is something in this box! Ooooh, this is really comfy - what could it be? It was covered in plastic - which I love to lick, but momma quickly took it out of the box.

I didn't want to play in the box anymore - I wanted to see what this comfy thing was that I jumped on. Momma put it down on the floor. I ran right over to and began to sniff it. (I like to sniff things) It didn't smell like kibble or treats so I knew it wasn't something for my belly -or was it? I started to walk on to it and wow, it was so comfy, just like it was in the box. I put all my paws on it and soon laid right down. My belly was happy too cause of it being so soft. It was a bed! I got a new bed!

I noticed that there was this ribbon so I began to play with and tug it hard with my teeth. All of a sudden the bed opened up wide and I had tons more room. This was Pawesome! Even my duckies could fit on this bed for a nap with me.

Momma told me that my wonderful friends at @kritterkondo sent this huge bed to me because I won their contest. Momma says I'm one lucky cat. She never wins anything for herself but I get tons of pressies! (momma then said she was lucky the day she adopted me - I think she was just saying that so she could share my bed, but no way!) MOL

My bed has this wonderful pony print - check it out in the pictures. I love the feel of it and I can use either side or pull the ribbon again and make it all sorts or sizes or shape. I like it opened all the way because I tend to take up tons of room when I nap. I'm a stretcher and love to have my paws going in all sorts of direction. This is the purrfect bed for that! Just look at all the room I still have on this bed, even with my big tummy! MOL

I couldn't wait to share the news with all my friends on Twitter - I quickly showed them all the great pics of me being comfy in style.

If you haven't already met Madi & Abi from @kritterkondo - check them out on Twitter or even better, check out their website at http://www.kritterkommunity.com - they have this pawesome outdoor enclosure that allows your cat or small dog to enjoy the outdoors with you safely. My momma said this is purrfect for many that live in apartments like me. Momma also said this would be good for someone like us because we go on road trips and they take me camping with them in the 5th wheel RV but I'm not allowed to go outside because I don't know the camp and it wouldn't be safe but using something like the @KritterKondo - it would be purrfect. (It's on mommas'wish list)

I love my bed. A big thank you to Madi & Abi and their human for making me feel oh so comfy. I also wanted to tell them that I learnt something new too, the bed is light enough for me to drag with my teeth. Momma wakes up some morning and finds the bed in all different areas of the house. MOL She can't figure out how I am doing it, silly human! (it's just our secret, ok)

Time for me to take another nap - I think I sleep more now. MOL