Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Go In Style

Guess what I got?

Nope, not another duckie.

Nope, not a new toy or treat.

I got a very special present from my Twitter friend @nicedogshop. You see, @nicedogshop has these pawesome monthly contest (Check them out ) Not just for dogs! They love all us furry friends.

They run their contest for a whole month and at the end of the month they announce the winner and for the month of July it was ME! (yes, I am one lucky cat lately)

I got an Omega Self Cleaning Litter Box! It's this really cool litter box that eliminates the need for your human to scoop litter. Think how happy your momma or daddy would be not to have to touch your messes anymore. Ok, in my case, it makes momma happy cause daddy never touched my box. I think he has litterphobia so momma has been stuck doing it daily.

This present is for me and my momma. (so she shouldn't complain that she never wins anything for herself, cause she just did, MOL) It makes my momma so happy to be able to do things easier and less messy too!

Check it out. It came in this box, Yes, another box for me. I told you I am lucky. Momma took it out and she worked some kind of magic because within seconds she put it together. I was very impressed at how it easy it was to put together. No little parts or tools needed.

What I like best about it is that its has a cover. I go into my litter box and nobody can see me. I actually get to go in private. Trust me, that is a big thing for me. I don't like to be interrupted and this allows me to go with complete privacy. How cool is that?

They come in two different sizes, so you if have more than one cat or you have a big cat, like myself, you can get the bigger size but if not, they have a smaller size too. There is plenty of room for me to do my duties.

Once inside, its just like a normal litter box for me. Momma fills it with clumping litter. When its time for her to clean the box all she has to do is roll the top to the floor and back. There is a plastic grill inside that separates the clean litter from the dirty litter. See the simple instructions below.

How easy is that!

I am going in style with the Omega Auto Clean Litter Box.

Big thank you from both myself and my momma. You're Cattastic!

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  1. That likes like a great box! Let us know how you and Mom like ti!